Changing the Narrative: A Conceptualized Project Proposal for the Funding & Implementation of a New Holistic Solution-Based Approach for Young Adults Transitioning to Adulthood from Foster Care (February 2015)

Forward Paths Foundation, Inc. frameworks an holistic approach to developing, implementing and measuring outcomes for young adults in transition to adulthood is a more effective method in solving the problem as opposed to operating on multiple platforms with multiple service providers who do not have the organizational capacity to be flexible, collaborative and responsive to each young adult’s individual needs. 

Outcome: Project Proposal completed April 2015

Child Abuse Investigation Advocacy: Intervention on Behalf of a 13 Year Old Teenager Exposed To a Continuous Dangerous Living Situation While Under Investigation by Child Welfare Agency (March 2016)

Four child abuse reports made to the State of Florida Abuse Hotline outlining a pattern of substance abuse exposure, insufficient safety plan development while returned to the home of the alleged perpetrator (the parent) and escalating risky behaviors by this parent by allowing a paramour who recently arrested for drug possession & trafficking back into the home. Escalating cries for help from the teenager who consistently reported feelings of being unsafe. All while under state investigation. 

Outcome: Letter to the Secretary of the Department of Children & Families completed March 2016 - after several communications with local/regional program managers, the teenager was successfully removed and placed out of the home with a suitable relative.

WestArt District: Consulting Project on Behalf of a Community's Disconnected Youth ("Opportunity Youth") To Bring Supportive Solutions To a Disenfranchised Low-Income Downtown Orlando Neighborhood (February 2017)

45,000 sq.ft warehouse complex in downtown Orlando. In the Parramore neighborhood that was recently purchased by a private owner. Who is passionate about investing in our young people. With redevelopment projects for art, music, yoga, etc. to connect with the disconnected. And change the trajectory of young people's lives in that disenfranchised, low-income community.

Outcome: Project is currently ongoing with activities for an estimated 30 area youth at this time; WestArt is currently working with the City of Orlando to mutually resolve some community ordinances prior to expansion of any redevelopment projects.

Florida House Bill 3043: Changing The Narrative - Preventing & Ending Youth Homelessness (February 2019)

Florida filed it's 1st historic legislative HB 3043 - Changing The Narratives - Preventing & Ending Youth Homelessness for a state appropriation demand of $1.6 million to fully-fund a community pilot project to house 100 homeless youth & young adults in 100 days in Orange & Lake Counties.

If the bill passes, and becomes law July 1, 2019, we will begin working with stakeholders, including but not limited to, developers, architects, financial intermediaries, banks, attorneys, real estate brokers/agents, small businesses, faith-based organizations/churches, community members, school districts, college/universities, agencies & local jurisdictions in Orange & Lake counties to initiate the beginning phases of housing our 100 homeless youth in 100 days.

If program evaluation demonstrates effective results, we will demand subsequent legislative state funding appropriations to replicate & implement the community housing project statewide throughout Florida, in other states and internationally.

Outcome: Project’s House Bill died in committee and withdrawn in May 2019.

Florida House Bill (pending): Changing The Narrative - Ending Youth Homelessness (Late September 2019)

Florida House State Representative Anna V. Eskamani will be refiling this important state appropriation again in the next state legislative session FY 2019-20 which begins in January 2020.

Stay engaged for community updates on the details of the project, FAQs and opportunities to advocate for this homeless youth project by joining our Advocacy Team. If the appropriation passes and avoids a veto by the Governor, funding will initiate in July 2020.

A significant amount of the appropriated funds will be administered by contracts with partnering local nonprofit & faith-based organizations in Orange County, Florida. If successful, this same kind of homeless youth project will expand to all 67 counties statewide in Florida in the years to follow.

If you are interested in having (or scaling) a homeless youth project in your country, state, county or city, join our Advocacy Team and let’s see if we can advocate together to get it done.