Ending Youth Homelessness: Partnerships With Our Community Businesses Providing Housing Solutions For Young People

1 Realtor company. 11 partnering organizations. A total of 160 associates/employees.


Committed to our homeless youth.

To contribute the renovation and expansion of this non-profit organization's 6 apartment properties for permanent housing apartments for our youth.

1 Rapid Re-housing center. And 1 expansion project for a new drop-in center.

All geared toward permanent housing solutions for our youth. More than $5,500 in cash and products.

With a 100% outcome rating of youth exiting the program into permanent, stable housing.

100% of homeless youth off the street permanently.

That is the mission of the program. That is why it exists. To move these homeless youth out of their program. And into their own homes.

A $2.2 million operation. With 1 full-time employee who is the Director. And 6 Board members.

With only 24% of investment dollars contributed coming from the federal government.

The other 76% of all investment revenue came from businesses, individuals and the philanthropic community.

Our local communities are the strength and backbone of our homeless youth initiatives. With cooperation. Coordination. Commitment. And collaboration.

The solutions to our homeless youth problem is right in our community.

Way to go Las Vegas. You even got a casino to invest in our homeless youth.

As they should.