Three Rules In Life For Homeless Youth: Don't Make Excuses. Don't Blame Other People. You Create Your Own Successes In Life

No young adult leaving foster care should have to resort to what this young lady felt like she had to do in this article. Just to get a decent birthday.

What an abomination. Blasphemous for this to have happened for this young lady.

Looking at this atrocious situation with these adult homeless youth. Trying to purify stupid.

It's an abomination that this young lady had to resort to pleading on Craigslist for just one day. One day.

One day of some sort of a family connection on her birthday.

Yet the Colorado Children & Families Services had over 6 years to get this young lady for adulthood. From the time she came back to foster care at age 12 to becoming an adult at 18.

Six years. Six. And couldn't do it.


Here's what they have to work with to get these kids from foster care to adulthood. To get the more than 1,700 youth in Colorado living in shelters, staying with family or friends or sleeping without a roof over their heads, off the streets.

Adams County, CO, where this young lady took a bus back to her birthplace after leaving foster care, spent over $8.7 million for all of the 954 kids who floated in foster care in their county in 2013.

Of the 954 kids,115 kids were between the ages of 13-17 years old. This young lady was one of them.

Only 115. And $8.7 million at their disposal.

And they still couldn't get it done.

It's not a money problem. Or a resource problem.

It's a leadership problem.

A complete disaster. Just based on this young woman's testimony and heart-breaking plea for just one day. One day.

One day of a real adult/family connection with anybody.

And she'll actually pay $8/hr for it. A downright travesty.

Just based on that fact alone shows this nation that the Colorado Dept of Children & Family Services is a walking child welfare atrocity. An utter failure.

115 kids. Many like this young lady. And can't get it done.

And they spent over $8 million for 954 kids.

You can't fix stupid. You can't overhaul a platform that was created to built walls, operate in silos and community separation, isolated revenue streams, isolated communication avenues, restricted processes, arbitrary plans of action, different programs for different ages that overlap, arbitrary access points, etc.

And the list of stupidity goes on and on.

And now these same standard operating procedures & policies are being admitted as failures by the very same people who created them. Or have allowed to continue.

What happens in our agencies and organizations is what we have directed to happen.

Or what we have sat on our hands and allowed to happen. Period.

But what is their solution? More councils. 

And they have access to billions of dollars in federal & state dollars. Billions. And can't put their mindless heads together to get 115 kids in foster care in Adams County, CO into a permanent home situation by the time they turn 18.

Millions of dollars in salaries & benefits. Paid for by you and me. And they can't get it done.


How about put the damn form down for 2 seconds. Look that 17 yr old square in the eye and say, "Whatcha need? How we gunna get this done? You tell me. Let's figure it out."

And then get to work. Get it done. 

But no. We make excuses. We blame other people.

Colorado CFS says "Homelessness is a systemic issue that requires the investment from agencies focused on education, behavioral health, juvenile justice, child welfare, workforce, safety agencies, and disabilities."

Rubbish. Bologna. Goose-squeeze. My bologna already has a first name. 

Youth homelessness is not a systemic issue.

There is no such thing as a "system".

Its just stupidity being played out from stupid decisions. By those who are positions to know better.

It is a nationwide pandemic.

Created by the failures of the people who have been charged with carrying out federal & state laws with taxpayer dollars. Yes, your taxpayer dollars.

 And this is what we have to show for it. Inexcusable. 

Yet these same moronic knuckle-heads get to cash their 6-figures paychecks year-after-year-after-year. With pathetic performance results.

And 1700 youths who leave foster care at 18 in Colorado get to sleep in a shelter. Or in a car. Or on somebody's couch who they trade sexual favors with for a roof over their head.

And this young lady who left their very own program gets to cry out on Craigslist for just one day of a self-paid family connection on her birthday.

An abomination.

All because they couldn't figure out a way to make this happen for her for over 6 years with over an $8.7 million budget allocation.

In what world, does this make any sense to the taxpayers in this nation or in state of Colorado?

We have to stop sugar-coating this situation.

This convoluted, stupid, nationwide platform of approaching homeless youth who have left foster care that is blindly being used across this nation needs to go.

Get rid of it. Drop it. Its failing. Its failing our kids in the process.

And thanks a buttload Colorado CFS for your major contribution in this young lady's life.

And no thanks to you, she got her birthday wish.

And happy 18th birthday to the young adults involved in the Colorado child welfare system.

This following part's for you.

Figuring out a way as an adult to get away from that crippling, frustrating and demoralizing way of trying to live independently, that may do nothing but straddle you in for years of being dependent on state services, just might be the best thing that has happened to you.

Just like this young lady in this news clip.

She might be struggling. That's okay. She's not going to melt.

But she's doing it on her own damn two feet. That lesson alone is invaluable at 18 years of age.

And 3 pieces of advice to take with you as you go through your journey.

1. Don't make excuses. 

2. Don't blame other people.

3. You create your own successes in life. 

The responsibility is on you. To find projects that work for youth.

And can help take you wherever you want to go in life. 

Because you get it done. On your own two feet.

Always bet on yourself to succeed.