Ending Youth Homelessness: Foster Care Was Never Designed To Raise Kids.

Let's quit sugarcoating this foster care situation.


Foster care is designed to keep kids alive until they are 18.

With a roof over their head. Meals. An adult in sight.

And maybe your own room for some privacy. And basic medical care if you're bleeding.

Foster care is not designed to raise children. It just isn't.

That's what we're talking about doing when we say "transition to adulthood".

That's raising kids. That's the job.

And foster care agencies are not setup to raise kids.

That's where our communities play a vital role with our foster youth turning 18.

Raising them to adulthood. Into college. Into a permanent supportive home. Into positive, trusting adult relationships.

And maybe a college degree because only 2 percent of them have been graduating college.

That's the community gap this program in Albany fills for our young people.

Having adults around you who are raising you into an adult.

No foster care form outlines how to raise a 15 or 16 year old into a responsible and mature adult.

I'd love to see that agency form.

Getting our youth in foster care into adulthood without experiencing homelessness should be a no-brainer.

Plain and simple.

For which foster care is nothing farther from that reality.

Way to go Albany State : )