Taking The Community Resources Right In Front Of Us

A housing project specifically for youth who have left foster care and are homeless.


Only former foster care youth 18-24 years old. Doing its part in the community.

A single-family house was renovated into three 2 bedroom apartments.

A $165,000 investment from the city using federal dollars that are available. Sitting in taxpayer trust funds.

And about 2 handfuls of adult youth formerly in foster care off the street.

Permanently. 10 lives changed. And maybe a baby's life.

Just by doing our individual parts well. That's it. And maybe forming a partnership with a city council along the way.

Taking the community resources right in front of us. And creating a life-changing home for an adult youth out of foster care.

No bunk beds. No waiting lists. No endless forms. No never-ending referrals. 

No residential facility. No group living rooms. No group showers. No cafeterias. 

The dignity and peace of mind of having a place to call your home. An apartment. 

To take a breath a little. 

Get some studying done. Do some laundry. Microwave a couple of corn dogs until the spaghetti skills are worked out.

Chirp with a young mentor or adult counselor on the phone about a hard college class. Some jerk at work at their part time job.

And maybe some dating advice.

Permanent supportive housing for our young people is a critical community solution. Period.

And what that kind of housing permanency does to the psyche of a young person must be a part of the conversation about homeless youth solutions.

And our community doing its part is the key in getting this done for them. 

Yes, us. Our partnerships. Our working together. Our collective individual efforts in doing our part.  

That's the job. That's what we're here to do.