Research & Advocacy: Bringing Youth Housing Solutions To The Table

Housing First. Start with the solutions. Not the problem.  

Bring solutions to the table. Not problems.

Research and advocacy gives our homeless kids a bullhorn voice on permanent housing solutions in Central Florida.

Because in Central Florida. We don't even have a drawn up action plan for homeless youth.

$7.4 million here. $998,000 there. $5 million here.

300 graduating high school students this year in Orange County who have been identified as homeless.

And we don't even have a drawn up plan of what the 18-24 year old formerly foster care youth apartment complex with onsite services looks like for our investors.

Again, we have some terribly talented people in our community. They are get-it-done people.

Met with a powerhouse young lady today. A fireball. Visionary. Principled.

A get-it-done generous woman.

Just wants to get stuff done for our homeless kids. That's fantastic.

And that's okay.

It's okay to have a few people in our communities who are no-nonsense, move out of the way, get-it-done people.

Brought a housing solution to the table. Get-it-done approach for our homeless kids.

Advocacy is just about getting things done. Research just supports the get-it-done arguments.

Housing First. Start with the solutions. Not the problems.

And then we just get-it-done. For our kids without homes.

That's the job. That's what we're here to do.

Way to go research and advocacy : )