3,000 Florida High School Seniors: Only 100 Identified As Homeless Received College Tuition Waivers

Sorry we have to communicate again under another widespread federal violation of investment dollar contracts with our state of Florida.

But here we go again. The FL Department of Education. And our homeless students. 

This time it was aimed specifically at our homeless graduating high school seniors across the state this academic year.

Per Skip Forsyth, again, during a statewide public conference call last week by the Council on Homelessness, he stated in a comment towards the end of the call that in this 2015-16 academic school year, of the 3000 Florida high school seniors who graduated and were deemed homeless by federal definition, thereby eligible for these college tuition waivers, only about 100 actually received them.

100 out of 3,000. That is deplorable.

More Spartans died on the field of battle against the Persians than the number of homeless seniors graduating who received tuition/fee waivers this year.

That is unacceptable.

His excuse for why this occurred? Don't be drinking anything. Swallow first.

Because the school districts need a more clear definition of "homeless".

Huh? Really? Bologna. We all know the federal definition of homeless is so clearly articulated and simplified that a 9th grader could the verify eligibility status' working a part-time job after school.

Give me a break. There is nothing obtuse about the federal definition of homeless.

The only obtuse matter in this entire discussion are these administrators' inability to perform their jobs appropriately. And adhere to federal law.

That is a 10% federal compliance rate by school districts in this state who received McKinney Vento Act federal investment dollars for such higher educational purposes.

This kind of federal non-compliance was ranted about last year. And brought to their attention.

And here we are again. This Forsyth administrator not letting us down again. Going out his way to ensure our homeless kids are not afforded their federal educational rights.

With the same failure to comply with federal law on a statewide level. Again.

Of course, we'll be confronting him, again, about this flagrant federal violation. Demanding answers as to how this occurred, how it is going to be rectified and what measures are going to be put in place to ensure our next group of graduating seniors who are homeless are afforded their rights under federal law.

And not be given the excuse that college educated adult administrators can't seem to decipher the complex definition of being without a home.

That's asinine. Absurd. That's stupidity of the highest order.

Because again, he will be staring at his inbox. With yet another diatribe about his impotence as the statewide lead administrator for the educational resources for our homeless kids. 

Only this time, he's admitted the failure. Yet refuses to rectify it until the legislature walks him and his school districts through the definition of homeless.

In other words, it's not his responsibility. Nor should they be held accountable to fix the problem.

Ineptitude is no excuse. Being an ignoramus about the definition of homeless is no excuse.

He and the other administrators should have thought about that before they blabbed about their ability to implement the requirements of this federal resource.

And if he is going to stick to that stupid story, then maybe it's time for him to resign.

And put someone in that job who's mindless thinking doesn't get plunged into a complete "assume the crash position, head down, hands forward" nose-dive about navigating the eligibilty requirements of those graduating kids who fit the definition of homeless.

And that goes for every other school district administrator in this state who have found themselves embarrassingly ill-equipped to administer this basic federal educational resource for our homeless children.

I think Checkers is hiring. I will write each and every one of them a glowing recommendation. Because that's exactly where they need to be.

And it's just that simple.