"Homeless Youth: A Stupid Problem With Stupid Solutions"

Solving homelessness among our youth is stupidly easy. 

So stupidly easy, that decision-makers, administrators and bureaucrats are working 24/7 in conference rooms across this state trying to figure out how to complicate the solution of moving young people into apartments.

Busing people to each other cities. How asinine. Then one Central FL so-called leader tries to address the problem between Tampa and Orlando by shooting a video with a bunch of 5 yr olds.

With action figure toys.

Batman vs Superman. Sitting in a circle of 5 yr olds explaining that the two shouldn't fight.

Explaining this with action figure toys.

Are we insane? What's the matter with us?

Instead of picking up the phone and inviting Tampa to sit down and work out a solution with Orlando, we choose to make a video with 5 yr olds depicting superheroes who need to work together. 
How stupid. This is so embarrassing. Stupid. And childish.

Figuring out ways to take a solvable problem and turn it into one big ball of stupid. 

Research has consistently shown that our communities do not just need to work together. We need a narrative change. We need a gut check.

The notion that homeless youth have somehow failed society, rather than society having failed them, is stupidly baked into our cultural thinking on the issue. 

It's why this homeless youth fiasco is a fundamentally stupid problem to have in our communities.

Especially when the adult decision-makers in the room are exhibiting more petulant behavior than the youth.

Action figures. 5 yr olds. Sitting in a Romper Room circle.

Are you kidding me?

It's why young people think it's stupid that the adults in the room would rather bicker with each other than getting them an apartment. 

It's why young people think it's stupid to go back into foster care after turning 18 when the state had clearly been a piss-poor parent.

It's why young people think it's stupid to go out and get handed 10 different referrals to 10 different places for 10 different issues that are attached to their 1 life. 

It's why young people think it's stupid that billions of dollars of investment resources are available to them yet the adults in the room can't get their (bleep) together to work together to rent them some apartments.

It's why young people think it's stupid to shoot a video with 5 yr olds having Batman hug Superman as a solution among 2 cities within close vicinity of each other, both with a homeless problem.

And I agree. How stupid can the adults in the room continue to be. 

Now listen up. 

Going from homelessness into a home changes a young person's psychological identity.

That comes first. Not last. 

Because the last time I checked, homelessness among our youth takes the largest toll on their emotional, psychological and mental health than any physical injuries sustained while being without a home.

Do you know what failing to achieve successes in life does to the psyche of a young person?

Barrier after barrier. Failure after failure. Loss after loss. Shut door after shut door.

Stupid solution after stupid solution. Stupid childish videos after stupid childish videos.

And what's more alarming?

Nobody says anything. We would rather go along to get along.

Well, screw that.

Not when it comes to producing solutions for our homeless youth.

And our youth want to win. They want to earn their way through life. The want to produce excellent grades. Perform well on their jobs. Compete for college slots.

How can they ever do that when the adults in the room are too occupied with playing action figures with 5 yr olds to demonstrate the need for coordinated solutions between our cities.

Florida, get rid of this stupid idea that solving homelessness among our youth requires some PhD level knowledge of urban planning, childhood development, child welfare, comic book action figures, behavioral science with a specialization in apartment hunting and the Housing First model.

And a minor in the art of complex meetings, boring conferences, endless reports, numerous task forces and countless agendas. 

And Batman vs Superman video techno shoots with 5 yr olds as an actual solution to an adult made homeless problem between 2 cities within 1 hour of each other.

Grow up. Get off the ground. And get Tampa on the phone for a sit down for a solution between 2 cities who are in positions to provide a solution.

Youth. Apartments. Services. Got it?

Quit jerking around. Making this more stupid than it already has become for our youth.

For the love of Pete. Batman vs Superman action figures.

This is not Romper Room. Embarrassing.

Get it together. Smh.