Another Rant: For No Reason

Homeless youth has no geographical boundary. Let me say it again. Homeless youth has no geographical boundary. 

Let's take a look at Scotland...

"Scotland also places more emphasis on graduating from high school and entering post-secondary. Community agencies, not child protection agencies, provide its youth services."

Pay attention, Florida. Our communities can produce better results. There's no way we are letting our youth remain homeless, if handed over the fiscal responsibility to ensure God's children are provided for appropriately.

Ignoring our youth is no new phenomenon. There was huge audition back in the day. Let's take a look at Jesus' day....

Matthew 19:14: "Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

God specifically told you not to hinder His children. What is it about the word "hinder" do you not understand? Ok, let's break this down because obviously you are also caught up on the definition of "temporary"...

"Hinder: creating difficulties for someone or something resulting in delay or destruction." That's Webster, not me.

To say that the state of child welfare in the state of Florida and across this country is a colossal hinderance to our youth is an understatement. 

To pass a law that extends foster care to the age of 21, instead of getting them to permanent housing, a job, an education, is a hinderance. Do you not think God is not paying attention?

Hold on, wait a minute. 

You are causing a delay in their success. A delay in their ability to mature. To excel. To get an education. To have a family of their own. 

This problem is not a problem. You're the problem. 

The disciples thought it was undignified for these little ones to bother Jesus. The other rabbis and teachers of the day would usually keep themselves separate from the youth. 

And so, thinking that they were doing what their Master would want, they rebuked the mothers and fathers and tried to 'shoo' the youth away from Him. 

He clearly welcomed them. And it seems equally clear that they loved to come to Him.

You have unaccompanied youth who are sleeping cars. Adult youth who left foster care couch surfing. In motels, 2 families in one room with 2 beds. 6-8 people mashed up in one room. People, that's homeless. 

These investors out here. If you are not investing in His children, then you are a hinderance. You are in the way. An obstruction. A distraction. Either step up or get out of the way. 

And I do not apologize for making this into some kind of spiritual mission. It didn't start out like this. Wasn't my intention. But get over it. Deal with it.

God is the boss. God calls the shots. And if you think for one second, I'm going to roll over, stuff my hands in my pockets and shrug my shoulders, then that must be some good weed you're smoking.

Jesus wept 3 times in the Bible. Never one mention of Him smiling. 

We are going to solve this homeless youth problem. One way or another. And if I have to step on your crusty corns to do it, then so be it. 

Private Citizen Report and Recommendations to the Governor, the Legislature, due to be out soon. Along with a request to be heard. BOLO. 

Enjoy your Sunday folks!! Football!!