Independence Day: Fact or Fiction?

Now that Independence Day is long and gone, let's talk about our incessant dependence and feckless stance on our government's ability to solve our deep societal problems. 

You really want to celebrate Independence Day next year? Okay. Let's have that conversation. 

1. Take care of your own retirement. No Social Security. Get rid of it. You get your full paycheck. 

You say, oh hell no. I don't want to be that free. Or that independent. I want the government to do that for me. Here, take my money. 

And we've seen how that's working out. 

2. Take care of educating your children. No more Departments of Education. Get rid of them. No taxes for education. Proceeds from the Lottery Department no longer funds education in the state of Florida. 

All proceeds now go to our local communities. Who build the schools. Staff the schools. Administrate educational duties. And teach our children. Our way. As a community.

But then, we hear, oh no. You misunderstood me. I don't want to be that independent. I want the government to teach my kids. Here, take my money. I want the government to oversee the education of my children.

Common Core. Drop mic. Enough said. 

3. Take care of negotiations between you and your employer. No minimum wage laws. No mandatory time-and-a-half for overtime. No more restricting the number of hours you have to work. Get rid of it all. 

Then we get, oh no. I don't want to be that independent. I must have been talking too fast. See, what had happened was...

I want the government to set a minimum wage. Max the numbers of hours I have to work to 40. Here, take my money. I want the government to dictate the boundaries of my contract with my employer.

The $15/hr minimum wage laws. Having to fake cough on the phone to your employer almost every time you just need a day off. 

4. Take care of your own healthcare. No employer contributions or other benefits. Get rid of it. You get your full paycheck besides federal taxes for roads, buildings, national security. 

But then we hear, oh no. I don't want to be that independent. You were listening too slow. Here, take my money. I want the government to make employers pay for largest portion of my healthcare insurance. 

Obamacare. Full-time employment now considered 30 hrs a week for many employers. Who can't afford healthcare benefits for every full-time worker. And then people start losing their jobs. 

5. Take care of your own expert services. No more regulatory & bureaucratic laws on professions in expert fields. Get rid of them. You are free to look for a doctor or lawyer who may be associated with a proper accreditation group such as the AMA or ABA.

Or you can hire your best friend. Or someone who has your trust. They might not have a law license. But might just be pretty good at arguing any position. 

But then some wise-cracks in the back, start whining, nooooo. I want the government to tell me who to go to when I need a doctor. Or a lawyer. Or a freaking interior decorator.

Yes, an interior decorator. 

In Florida, decorating a common area in a multi-unit commercial property for pay requires a license from a governing entity.

And you will have committed a felony for operating without a license, if you tell someone in your small office building whom you share with, that their drapes don't match the pillows on their couches, and they cut you a check for help with the floor spacing, designs, where to hang up the pictures, etc.,

The criminalization of throw pillows. And drapes. 

And you want to talk to me about independence. Self-reliance. Job creation. Financial freedom. 

Regulation shields the government from competition. And competition will always bring out the best people. The best services. The best products. 

The best ways to get things done in our communities. For our children. For our society. 

So if our nation wants to have a conversation about what it means to be truly independent on Independence Day, we have to take responsibility for our weak-kneed addiction to government regulation. In almost every aspect of our lives. 

From the throw pillows in a recreation center. To the grill at your apartment complex. Or to the speech we use on our college campuses. 

Independence means deregulation. Moving tax & funding dollars directly to the hands of our local communities. Getting things done. 

And if the government feels left out because they weren't invited to play in any reindeer games? Fine. We can send them the bill and they can pay it. Either or. I'm not trying to micro-manage the process of how the bills are paid. 

But in order for this country to begin understanding the significance of real community independence, government deregulation and industry competition, one must first appreciate the absolute absurdity of having any state government in the business of throw pillows and drapes. 

Happy Monday folks!! Have a great week!!