Homeless Youth: Who'd Thought I'd End Up Like This???? Tragic.

Lunchtime post.

A pilot project by the county to help homeless youth. Being invested in by their quarter-cent tax. $88,000 in committed dollars to a local nonprofit organization. 

Florida needs to get find its humanity. It needs to find its compassion. It needs to put out an APB out on its benevolence. 

We must tell our homeless youth that they are loved. They are amazing. And we tell them that by our commitment. By our willingness to fight for what is right. By our investment dollars.

An article in the NY Times earlier this year outlined an 18 yr old young adult who is homeless. 

He said he was trying to find permanent housing so he could go back to finish high school and then on to college, he said, where he’d like to study music, art, astronomy and philosophy.

His words were, “As soon as I get a place to stay, my whole life is in front of me". 

Are we listening to him? His whole life is in front of him. He just needs a permanent home. That's it. He will take care of the rest. 

Finish high school. Go to college. Fall in love. Get married. Raise a family of his own. The normal crap our own children get to do. 

But his resolve sometimes wavered.

“Every time one good thing happens, three bad things happen,” he said.

Earlier that month, in a Facebook post, he wrote: “Who thought I’d amount to this?????”

This is heartbreaking. Which is why our resolve will not waver. 

Our young adults who are homeless have been rejected by their families. Preyed upon by sexual predators. Engage in transactional sex. 

When is Florida going to step up and get our youth a permanent home? In 2016. That's when. For 100 of them.

Let's get this done.