The State of Homeless Youth In Central Florida: A Disaster

Happy Saturday!! Let's get right into it. I'm in no mood for small talk....

Recent report compiled by 32 "professional" expert centrifuges trying to purify stupid. Let me say it again. Trying to purify stupid. 

Here's what some of this absurdity looked like as I stared with a raised eyebrow into the report...

"In 2014, Florida ranked highest in the nation in the rate of families experiencing homelessness who remained unsheltered, according to The 2014 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). With 12,812 Florida family members who are literally homeless (staying in temporary shelter or unsheltered) and 5,847 of those living on the streets or in their cars, 45.6 percent of Florida’s homeless people in families had no place to call home, even temporarily."

And this is where I fell one step away from complete despair...

"The school data is alarming, and it doesn’t tell the whole story. The extent of child homelessness is even greater because the figures don’t include children younger than age five or children six and up who aren’t attending public school."

Okay. I don't know how else to get you all to wake up. We are sleeping at the wheel. Oh okay. I'm over-exaggerating. Okay, here's another blinding sight into the report that made me nauseated....

"Very few families exited from an emergency shelter into rental housing (18 percent), and these families had an average length of stay of 71 days. Consequently, most families were homeless at the time of exit from emergency shelters. This is significantly below what high-performing communities achieve, which is typically 60 percent to 80 percent successful housing outcomes."

And this is what confirmed my assertions that the homeless youth in Central Florida have always been in trouble..

"Of the 156 families that exited a transitional housing program in 2014, just over half exited to permanent housing. For these families, the average length of stay in transitional housing was nearly 10 months (277 days). The successful housing placement rate is significantly below what high-performing communities achieve, which is typically 70 percent to 90 percent successful housing outcomes."

50% performance rate of getting homeless people into permanent housing. This is among Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties. 

I blame you, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer. You, Orange County Mayor. You two may very well be the two persons who shoulder the responsibility of the state of the homeless youth situation in Central Florida. 

You took the job. That direct deposit went throught. But you failed to show up.

Let me explain this leadership thing to you...

Failing to act results in a entire host of problems. Accepting low performance means you are approving it. Whatever is happening in your organization is what the leadership is directing to happen. Or allowing to happen. 

This applies to a family. Or a football team. I watch sports teams every week. Teams crumble. Coaches coaching things to happen. Or allowing it to happen.

The stinking Orlando Magic organization. 0-6. They are horrible. Ruining basketball for Central Floridians for the last few years. The Amway Center is nothing but a million dollar play pen. I'd rather hit the nightclub there. Than watch that atrocity of a basketballl team. 

I digress.

When we meet. Buddy Dyer. Theresa Jacobs. Your heart will be beating fast. But I'll be talking slow. This research speaks volumes of your failing leadership. 

Let's comb through this disgusting report of failures...

"Of the families with an exit from a support services program in 2014 who were homeless at the time of admission, just 51 percent exited to a permanent housing destination."

Millions poured into programs that can't even get half of the homeless into a permanent housing situation. So why do you exist? Why are you continually funded?

When you administrators fail to act, youth sleep outside. Trade a couch for sex. Slang some rock for a couch. Dime bag. Push some mollys. Get into a car with a stranger because it's getting cold outside. 

Volunteers must galvanize on the weekends to try to make it work. It reflects on your ability to lead. Or puts into question why so many people voted for you. 

Accountability. The obligation of an individual agency is to account for its activities. To accept responsibility for them. And to disclose the results.

And this is the best these 32 top level experts, administrators, department heads, etc. has to show for it. If you can't show us the way, then get out of the way. 

Because my heart completely breaks observing this situation. And I go to bed infuriated. Wake up infuriated. Here's some more to digest. Their words, not mine...

"Targeted homelessness prevention assistance is not in place to help families stay in current housing or, if that is not possible, move to other housing. Note: This perception is supported by the findings from the inventory and exit analysis that existing homelessness prevention programs are not effective at consistently preventing homelessness and often provide assistance to families that are not at imminent risk of homelessness."

And this is what tops the freaking cake...

"There were contrasting views on access to transitional housing. Some reported there was an excess supply; 

The current response to this crisis appears to be fragmented and not achieving the optimal results that could come from a systematic approach to providing services, shelter and housing to families who experience homelessness. Contrary to best practices, transitional housing represents the largest category of response, with 44 percent of all beds, yet serves a relatively small segment of the population: 18 percent of homeless families. 

Emergency shelters have limited success in ending homelessness and have lengths of stay that are more than double the national standard. Rapid Re-Housing appears to be poorly implemented in Central Florida, where the results are below national averages. Likewise, programs that offer only supportive services are generally not serving homeless families. 

Additionally, current programs to prevent family homelessness and find permanent housing for this population are not effective.hers described not enough beds. Note: The inventory and exit analysis suggests there is an excess of transitional housing available and that the existing programs are not effective at consistently ending homelessness."

So not only is this situation an hellacious atrocity, you all can't even put your mindless heads together to agree on anything. Unbelievable. 

The stupidity doesn't stop there...hang in there...I know..

"We have an idea that we need a plan, but not a structured approach. Counties don't trust Orlando; similarly, Osceola and Seminole claim they have no chronically homeless; lots of consultants and plans. CFCH, HSN; beginning to plan and work collaboratively, especially counties."

What a complete cluster. Talk about these dudes. All that crap in quotes are the researchers words, not mine. 

I've been telling you all for months about this. And you refuse to listen. You refuse to believe that your taxpayers dollars are being flushed down the toilet. You think I'm just sitting here bloviating about some cause to save my soul. 

Bull-choy. It's in black and white. The people at the helm are leaving our children sleeping in cars. Even though they are in a position to know better. And do something about it. And when they try to get together, they can't even agree on anything. 

You all need to wake up. Find your pulse. 

Or don't. Stay asleep. Stay comfortable. 

We got this. It is my joy to stand up for our homeless youth. And say that what we are doing is stupid. Coordinated by stupid people. And you voted for them.

But here's the good news. I don't need to go through them. Wherever they got their funding, that's where I'm going. And there's not a person who doesn't want to spend their entire afterlife swimming in a lake of fire, who won't cut the damn check. 

Period. End of freaking story. 

And thanks a buttload to you 32 "professional" expert centrifuges who sat around wasting taxpayer dollars trying to purify stupid. That stupid report really shed some stupid light into the situation. 

A 3 year old with a box of crayons could have drawn up a better report than that. You all make this really easy. Great. Appreciate it.  

Happy Saturday!! Go Bama!!!