Not A Penny For Adult Homeless Youth Who Have Left Foster Care

We've got some of the wealthiest people in this state. Florida ranks #3 in the nation with over 4600 people with a net worth more than $30 million. Orlando ranks #17 of cities in the nation with 640 people who are considered high net worth individuals. 

Morgan & Morgan law firm just invested $1 million to Harbor House, the only domestic violence shelter in Orange County. To throw up a $7.4 million DV shelter. County kicked in $2 million from federal grant money they get every year. City kicked in $750, 000. 

Architectural companies kicking in designs for natural sunlight, construction companies are covering the construction costs, landscaping businesses are kicking in the plants or whatever. They held an entire ground-breaking ceremony a few days ago that I had to frustratingly watch on the 5 o'clock news.

Now I'm not saying let's not support DV victims. I get all of that. But damn. We seem to be throwing up a lot of stuff for every victim target population around here in Central Florida. Which we should. Every one of them. 

Except these homeless adult youth who have left foster care. 

And you don't think I'm not going to have a discussion with Morgan's wife, Ultima? Buddy Dyer? Teresa Jacobs? They're all getting one of my reports. And a very uncomfortable conversation later. Got their hands in all the business from Orlando to Jacksonville to Kissimmee. For Sunrail.

Not even one month's worth of rent money for one of these youth. Not a penny. But then going to sit up there and act like foster care is the answer. That's like asking one of those DV victims to go back to their abuser for 3 more years to solve their homelessness issue. We would never consider that for them. 

But we conduct ourselves like mental patients and do it like it's a normal thing to do for these youth. 

And if I have to hear about another housing project being thrown up in Central Florida, I'm going to projectile vomit like that little Exorcist girl. Its nauseatingly disgusting. It really is. 

John Morgan doesn't even live in Orlando. He lives in Lake Mary. How did they come to cutting a $1 million check. His wife toured the shelter one day. She said it wasn't hard getting their support from that moment on.

Well, guess what the hell what. It's not going to be hard for the Forward Paths Foundation, Inc. to cash their check either. 

And they might just want to make it $2 million. Just for annoying me.

Having to sit there and watch them bloviate on the news about DV and this new shelter project. Like I said, I get it. 

At least those DV victims have somewhere to sleep. What about the adult homeless youth DV victims.

Being exposed to and being victims of human sex trafficking. Trading sex for a couch to sleep on. More on that in another post.

Let's tour that situation. Yeah, Ultima. Quit burying your head in the sand. And cut the damn check. That's Forward Paths Foundation. With an Inc. at the end.

Harbor House is the only DV shelter in Orange County. Forward Paths Foundation, Inc. is the only program in Central Florida doing anything about adult homeless youth who have left state care. In the state for that matter.

It is never wrong to do the right thing. Never.