Rapid Rehousing For Homeless Youth. It Works.

Here are the latest performance evaluations nationwide on RRH as of 2012.


The only key insights from this report to take into consideration for upcoming CoC application and RRH investment strategies to our community projects are the same:

1, RRH works. It is an effective housing strategy with an average outcome of 87% of persons who entered the projects homeless, left into permanent housing situations.

Individuals continuing to make their residence in our transitional housing/shelter inventories are literally homeless. And those transitional shelter projects should be reallocated to permanent housing projects.

This can reduce the time of individuals experience homelessness down to 30 days (with a committed network of community partners). 

2. Spend investment dollars wisely and quickly. Rapid spending of investment dollars on well-drafted action plans that can maximize ROIs such as apartment acquisitions, employment gains, lowered subsidized rental payments via employment income, higher taxable incomes and lowered amounts of time experiencing homelessness.

This requires a documented spending plan prior to the requesting of investment dollars. Which is predicated on community partners working together in sync in a coordinated effort at all access points. 

It is possible to walk and chew gum at the same time.

3. HUD is a partner not the answer. HUD is counting on us to create these partnerships. To solidify these relationships with landlords, housing authorities, host home families, foster care programs, LGBT organizations, city councils, etc. 

Collaboration and coordination is key is all over this report. We have millions of dollars available in investment dollars. We have an abundance of housing options & vacancies. We have motels. We have hotels. We have trailer parks. We have a plethora of homeless individuals. We have thousands of homeless students. 

Everywhere you look, there is another resource available. And every year, millions of dollars invested in our homeless community projects go mismanaged or returned to the federal government as unused. 

The lack of working together to solve the problem is the problem. And it is our job to figure out ways for the adults in the room to share in the common goal of ending homelessness.  

A busted garbage cart request to the city of Orlando gets more of a timely, coordinated response than housing for a homeless youth. 

This is unacceptable. It is a pathetic performance at best. 

And this is happening all over Central Florida. Let's not kid ourselves. 

More to come.