Homeless Kids Becoming Girl Scouts: Creating Their Own Successes In Life

Troop 6000 is the first in New York City designated solely for homeless girls. All of the members live at the Sleep Inn, where the city has taken over all 10 floors to accommodate about 100 homeless families.


Troops for homeless girls have formed in Atlanta. Broward County, Florida. San Pedro County, California. Of 287 people housed at the Sleep Inn, 155 are under the age of 18. 

The Girl Scouts of Greater New York is covering the costs for Troop 6000: a $25 membership fee; a $75 starter kit of patches, pins, workbooks and vests; and the $20 monthly dues.

The girls of Troop 6000 talked about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Fashion designer. Pediatrician. Basketball player. Engineer.

A 9 year old, 3rd grader said she was going to grow up and help the homeless. And she has the support of 20 other Girl Scouts to support her in her journey.

Because they are learning the 3 greatest lessons in life for young people:

1. Don't blame other people.

2. Don't make excuses.

3. You create your own successes in life; get it done.

So fantastic : )