What's Your Excuse? Getting It Done For Homeless Youth. In 4 Degree Weather.

St.Paul, MN is a get-it-done city for our homeless youth.


Only for 17-22 year olds. No 17 year old should be in foster care if there is an option to get them their own safe place.

$10.7 million apartment complex. 44-unit studios.

And 200 homeless youth applied. Oh, we don't have a homeless youth problem in our communities?

Supportive on-site case managers. With the goal to help them stabilize. And move on to other permanent supportive housing.

What a get-it-done city.

Nobody raised their hand and said, "Well, what about the other $10 million investment options?"

Naaaaa. We can get 44 young people into rapid rehousing apartments. Let's get that done.

City council. Couple of nonprofit organizations. And some get-it-done people.

And that's okay. Our young people think it's okay.

To have a couple of communities in this country. That are get-it-done communities.

There were only 44 spots. Over 4 times the number of homeless youth applied.

In Central Florida. We don't even have a 44-unit apartment complex sketch. We couldn't even get that on a city agenda.

We couldn't even get a meeting on that kind of homeless youth project.

Without some decision-maker's eyes bulge out of their head like a stomped on bullfrog.

In St. Paul? Oh, we can get 44 homeless youth into supportive homes?

$10.7 million? 30 days. There you go. Fantastic.

They just got that (bleep) done. A get-it-done city.

St.Paul, MN is a get-it-done city for our homeless youth.