Find Your Faith. Find Your Commitment. Find Your Principles. And Get It Done For Our Homeless Youth.

This is going to happen in Central Florida. Somebody is going to take notice. 

Take responsibility. Accept the challenge. 

And invest millions of dollars specifically for our homeless youth. 

This is happening in Central Florida.

A California study recently cited that 80% of homeless adult youth preferred to accept the services of a drop-in center than the services of a shelter.  

And out of the 20% who preferred the services of a shelter, 30% of them switched their position and went to the drop-in center instead.

With an allocation of resources, the state of Florida can take $1.5 million of flexible HUD investment dollars and create a drop-in center in Central Florida that can assist up to 5,000 homeless youth navigate the horrendous services delivery in Central Florida annually. 

The service barriers set up by those in positions to know better.

Along with a $25 million investment for permanent housing with supportive services, we are getting our Central Florida youth off the street quickly. 

We end this quickly. 

And it becomes sustainable. And more youth beginning to self-identify as homeless. 

Because there is finally a help that works. A help that can be trusted.

All it takes is a challenge. A small group of people who are going to challenge those who have the investment dollars to invest in our homeless youth.

All it takes is a commitment. That's it. A commitment to doing what is right. 

It doesn't take a fancy speech. It doesn't take a long drawn-out process. All it takes is a commitment. 

Once those decision-makers in our Legislature. In our philanthropic community. In our businesses.

In our community. 

Commit themselves. The investment dollars will begin to flow.

The key is identifying the flow of those resources. Allocating resources to solutions that work. 

And shutting down the allocation of resources to solutions that are not solutions. Because they are not working. 

It's just that simple.

Commitment. This Assemblywoman committed herself. That's why this is happening in California for their homeless youth. 

Our Legislature needs to follow suit. And they will follow suit.

This is happening in Central Florida.

Run to your faith. Not away from it because of fear. Draw a line in the sand. Stand with those of faith. 

Or don't. One or the other. 

But no more lip service about being committed to homeless youth. Put your investment dollars where your mouth is.

We are sick of compromising. We are sick of keeping the status quo. 

These are our children. These are not sea turtles.

We either believe in our own values and principles or we do not. It is totally logical to invest millions of available dollars into our youth.

This narrative is changing this year. Period. And one of those narratives is that this is about commitment. Not scarce resources. 

It's about being men and women of faith. Aligning ourselves to what is right. 

And allowing our faith to determine our actions. Not allowing the actions of others to dictate to us what is right.

No youth homelessness plan speaks to a lack of leadership. A lack of faith. 

A lack of commitment. To what is right. 

And this is being challenged this year. The challenge is to those who are the decision-makers. The top administrators. 

Those in public office who took the job to serve our homeless youth. To be men and women of faith. Whatever that faith may be. And act on it.

Changing the narrative.

If an Assemblywoman can find her faith in California. Find her humanity. Find her strength. Find her conviction. 

And commit not only herself but calling on others to do the same in California. 

There are men and women of faith in this state that are going to do the same.

And for the love of Pete. 

Can we all just move in the same direction. 

A herd of cats can move better in one direction than we are right now. We have efforts to assist homeless youth and it's all over the place. 

No joke. Check it out...

Statewide Office of the Homeless, Council on Homelessness, Central Florida Commission on the Homeless, Independent Living Services Program Advisory Council, 27 Independent Local Community Providers of Service - covers the entire state

A total of 31 different entities. All coming up with their own strategies. Their own reports. Their own policy recommendations. Their own action plans.

All with the exception of 3. That's the first 2 because they both were created to work in conjunction with the other. And that's fine.

Nobody is going to sit here and tell me that having your focus, your strategies, your action plans, scatter-brained all over the place produces high performance and productivity rates. 


The research says otherwise. The private sector says otherwise. 

A coordinated and focused approach will solve this problem.

Take the best innovative pilot project you can find. Invest in it fully for 1 year in 3 regions in this state. North, Central and South. Everyone else continue to do the same. 

At the end of the year, crunch the numbers. If the pilot project produced higher numbers in the performance indicators you choose, the pilot project gets implemented throughout the state. 

You've transformed this entire state with less than $5 million spent on the pilot projects. 

Competition breeds performance. And coordinated efforts produce results. 

Scattered efforts produce chaos. And that's what we have in FL. A chaotic effort in getting homeless youth off the street. 

Yet this changes this year.

Find your faith. Find your principles. And stick with them. 

They work. That's all this Assemblywoman did.

Do the same.