Nominating Mari Frankel For Innovation Award 2017. Challenging The Staus Quo For Youth In Foster Care.

Continue to tell you people. Not making this stuff up. Not being harsh to these people. Or mean. Or outrageously overreacting.

These administrators are failing our kids. They are inept. Flagrantly egregious. It's a complete abhorration. With $3 billion in taxpayer dollars in Florida.

This is why she will be nominated for The National Alliance to End Homelessness' Innovation Award 2017. For challenging the staus quo.  

Because foster care for our youth in foster care is a national pipeline to homelessness within 12 months of exiting state custody. 

That is a fact. Not an opinion. 

Again, not just my words. This is a Guardian ad Litem's words. This filmaker's words.

These adult youth's words. And again, these are the cold hard facts.  

And we're not supposed to email DCF Secretary, Mike Carroll, and tell him to quit sitting on his hands. And act to make changes.

Of course we did.

 And a kid got helped. Because the decision-maker got challenged by a citizen, an advocate and a freaking taxpayer.

None of this is a personal attack on anyone.

We are looking at their performance and it is putrid. 6 figure salaries. And when was last time you heard of someone losing their job because of their ineptitude in keeping our kids safe in state custody and not homeless when they leave.

Tell me. Crickets.

Check out the trailer. I'll be pushing to somehow get this shown again around Florida.

This is one woman's voice. Then we have this loud mouth. What would happen if you found your voice on behalf of our youth?

Then your friends. Your neighbors. Your church. Your social group. Your Fantasy Football group.

Speaking and standing up for our kids is a life-changing honor. You can make a life-changing difference in a youth's life.

 By refusing to go along with business as usual. With the status quo. Refusing to change that stupid and irresponsible narrative that this is just how it is.

Well guess wth what. Screw that.

Because not only are these kids being abused by their parents and then again in state custody, but yet again on the streets by pimps and drug dealers because they are without a permanent home.

Yet these administrators continue to cash their paychecks with no accountability or oversight. That's asinine.

Way to go, Mari Frankel.  Your work demonstrates the bold, disruptive advocacy our kids require in this state.

Reform is a necessity. Fundamental change in our approaches are a requirement. Not an option. Change is imminent.

Be a part of it. For our kids. For our youth.

Because it is never wrong to do the right thing. And confronting failure with facts and advocacy for our youth is never wrong.

Never. It's the right thing to do.

If you desire to get involved, in whatever way, no matter how much time, or when, or where, or in what capacity, or with who, let us know and we'll figure it out.

Because to our youth, you are a lifeline to real help.

To success. To hope. To becoming safe. You. Me. The community.

You are the difference maker. Straight talk.

No gimmicks. No marketing catch. No advertising. No plea for checks.

Keep your money. No manipulating your emotions. Period.

Your commitment is much more valuable than your checkbook. Or your ability to watch a 2 minute trailer.

But if you know that you were put on this earth for a purpose greater than your own, then find your passion.

Find your cause. And feed the daylights out of it.

And to you top level administrators who might plop themselves down with a copy of this film.

And you get that itch to get defensive. To rationalize. To take no responsibility.

Don't make excuses. Dont blame other people.

You make your own successes in life. In your job. In your relationships. In your business.

Get over it. It's your job. Chew on it. Suck it up.

Find your convictions and make the changes. Or do us all a favor and quit. Or retire.

Or go sell furniture at IKEA. But stay away from human service programs.

Sure you would do a great job running a furniture store. But our kids are not pieces of furniture to be move around in abusive environments.

They need actual capable leaders who can produce results and demonstrate competency. All of which you have have failed to do for decades.

And this documentary is just another piece of proof in the pudding that fundamental bold reform is a necessity.

So get over it. Or get out of the way.

Thumbs up for this documentary. Disrupting the status quo.

About time : )