Who Needs A Locker? Homeless Youth On Unnecessary Waiting Lists For Housing. Smh.

30 homeless youth. Waikiki's Youth Outreach Drop-in Center.


$49,000 worth of in-kind investment work and materials. 144 lockers provided by the YMCA.

17 private business companies working together. HomeAid Hawaii, the country’s 17th nonprofit chapter of builders and developers, doing their part for our homeless youth.

$1,000 for investment renovations.

Drop-in center project became fully invested as a startup in July 2015 by the philanthropic efforts of a local business. Who's philanthropic arm of the business brought the business leaders together to pool together the investment dollars.

30,000 sq.ft leaking roof estimate was $23,000. A local roofing company business took the lead on the project and provided the fix for $2,800. Including costs for materials and labor.

For 30 homeless youth, this Drop-in Center is the closest place they have to call home during the day. And our community came together to help change their lives.

Businesses stepping up. Delivering positive outcomes and results.

That's the job. That's why we do what we do. Everyone in the community doing their own part. And doing it well.

Way to go Hawaii : )