Ending Youth Homelessness: School District Partnerships Are Critical For Community Success

$200,000 investment from the federal government to a school district.


For 15 homeless students at a time.

1 in 20 kids qualify as homeless students.
$100,000 for direct rental assistance. $43,500 for a full time staff person for the students.

$15,000 for administrative costs. $40,000 for unrestricted dollars for social security cards.

A parent's car insurance. Or a med center office visit copay for a strep throat breakout in the home. Or for new shoes.

And maybe a certified birth certificate.

Doing what is right for our homeless students is a priority.

The new federal Every Student Succeeds Act is compelling our school districts to remove barriers for homeless kids. 

Especially transportation. By eliminating the barrier of allowing schools the option of transportating homeless students to their school of origin if permanent housing is obtained outside of district lines.

This allow us to invest further into our homeless students' educational success.

Our school districts are a critical community component for our homeless young people. 

Way to go Washington school district : )