Lack Of Affordable Housing Dollars For Homeless Youth? Hmm. Okay. Let's Look At Your Books.

Redmond, Oregon's efforts to spend more than $200,000 in HUD investment dollars on a housing project for homeless youth continue.

Deadline is May 2nd.

Guess what the problem is.

The city's consolidated plan that regulates HUD investment dollars is too restricted. So homeless youth projects are not eligible to participate.

The plan will need to be amended so the city can award future HUD investment dollars without dysfunctional and asinine challenges it is facing with trying to spend $200,000 before May 2nd.

So we have a lack of resources problem, right? No. Wrong.

We have a dysfunction, uncoordinated administration problem in our communities.

And these unnecessary predicaments happen all over the country. Unspent federal HUD investment dollars.

Purposed to provide our homeless youth a permanent supportive home.

Hawaii's Department of Hawaiian Housing Land didn’t produce any new housing units for Native Hawaiians last fiscal year.

Zero new housing units. Cero. Nada. None. Nyet. Nunca.

Even though it has $38 million in unspent federal funds in the bank.

Other notable housing resource failing, monstrosity jurisdictions:

Washington DC - $100 million (2014)

Chicago - $50 million (2015)

Minnesota - $94 (2016) (for supportive housing for those with disabilities)

This is dysfunction at its best folks.

Never believe into this housing resource myth. That we have a lack of affordable housing dollars in this nation.

Check their books with your own eyeballs. It's your tax dollars anyway. 

It's not based in facts. It's not based in reality. It's based on people being intellectually dishonest with themselves.

We refuse to be honest and admit that we are failing our kids and youth who have found themselves homeless. 

Don't be one of them.