Evidenced-Based Homeless Youth Projects Should Work, Right? The Youth Outcomes Speak For Themselves.

A group of people in the community came together to say that it is not ok to not do something for their homeless kids.

It is never wrong to do the right thing.

A local church gave its lot as an in-kind investment. To build its first home for unaccompanied homeless youth.

4 years later, its celebrating its 1st graduate from high school. And entering community college.

From a property lot given by a local church. Moving boxes into their youth's first home on the floor.

To a graduation party.

United Way wanted to do more meaningful investment giving.

So it commited $80,000 over the next 2 years for support staff.

A $500,000 investment goal to break ground in August on a 2nd property for housing up to 12 homeless youth.

And complete housing development by December.

Paraphrased quote: "Anytime when you are creating a project with all the evidence-based research on paper, it should work. And when it does, it's amazing."

This is why I use my love for research and writing for our homeless kids.

It's amazing.

The visual transformation of informational research into a development strategy plan into a tangible house for a homeless kid is priceless.

That's my inside geek shining through : )

This project now has an established track record that will only lead to further housing solution options for our homeless youth.

In the near future, they are preparing to initiate housing projects for unaccompanied minors.

Way to go Cheyenne.

Your football team in WI is awesome. One of my favorites.

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