No Cash For Supportive Housing Services For Homeless Youth? Bill Medicaid.

Florida must steer its attention to securing a CMS state waiver to use Medicaid for supportive housing costs.   

Waiver 1915c, 1115, etc. It's a 21 page application for Pete's sake.

Get it together.

Billions of dollars can freed up to bill Medicaid for therapists. For legal costs. For employment training.

Tutors for our homeless youth.

In the meantime, there is nothing preventing our permanent supportive housing projects from working with counseling organizations to help keep our youth in their homes.

And get those without a home into a safe and permanent one quickly.

State Medicaid Office, get it together.

While other states are hustling to submit applications for these waivers, Florida continues to remain shockingly inert in statewide efforts to end youth homelessness.

And while we're at it, let's take those $2.1 million in renewable federal investment dollars sitting in transitional housing bunk bed projects this upcoming allocation and reallocate it towards permanent supportive housing projects for our homeless youth.

State Medicaid Office, get it together.