No Resources For Youth Exiting Foster Care? How about $733/month

So our 18 year olds who are exiting foster care couldn't use $733/month?

That's rent. Or near rent. Close enough to rent.

New federal policy change effective last year. August 1st 2016 for our young people leaving foster care.    

Youth exiting foster care can apply for SSI six months prior to their date of exit.

$733 can mean the difference between being homeless or being able to rent a room.

Foster care agencies must create policies that require those applications to be completed 90 days prior to the 180 day application acceptance date.

And have every single one of those youth in foster care apply. Every one of them.

80% of young people in foster care have some sort of a severe mental health issue.

 If appropriate, get them diagnosed. Get those records together. Get those applications in early. 

Severe mental health issues rake some of our young people transitioning out of foster care through the proverbial coals.

Being homeless only adds to those debilitating factors.

No excuse for our failure in getting those applications processed for our 17 year olds in foster care. And expedited.

Advocated for. Pushed for.  Got done. 

Way to go Social Security Admn.