"OSU Star House center for homeless youth's $2M new home"

An article honoring Day 5 of National Small Business Week. The power of choice.


Drop-in Centers like this $2 million facility in Ohio are demonstrating a positive outcome in our battle to end youth homelessness. This is not a transitional shelter. Do not get it twisted.

It is a form of a Rapid Re-housing model structure that can quickly move our youth from the streets to a permanent home with supportive services. Drop in for survival essentials while quickly being moved into a permanent home. This kind of housing model works.

So let me cut to the chase. Last day of National Small Business Week. No time to mince any words here. Or placate to the masses. Our small businesses are providing effective solutions in the youth housing market. So listen up.

We have 2 choices in this permanent housing narrative. I will expound upon this more throughout the weekend. But we either write our own narratives. Design our own projects. Implement our own approaches. Make our own choices.

Or there will always be groups of people out there, writing your narrative their way. Designing your project their way. Implementing your approach their way. Making your choices their way.

Dictating how you should run your activities. Advising on who you should approach for investment dollars and who you should not approach. Commanding on the boundaries you must adhere to and the boundaries you must not adhere to.

Authoritatively directing your every narrative. Your every plan. Your every strategy. Your every goal. Your every outcome. Everything decided upon and set in stone by someone other than yourself.

On how you must conduct business. On how quickly you can, should or will grow. Your every move made by someone else. Like a chess piece on a chess board.

Until you look at your business. Your life. Your goals. Your passions. And give yourself a gut-check. And realize that none of it means a hill of beans if they do not reflect who you are. Your core beliefs. Your principles. Your values. None of it.

The choice is ours. The choice is yours. No matter what you are facing in life. Or in your business. Or in your family. Or in your projects. You have the power to choose. No one can take that from you unless you allow them. No one.

The project in this article scored a $2 million drop-in center for homeless youth by changing the narrative. Their drop-in center was a solution. They believed it. They got others to believe it. They did what needed to be done. Waited for no one. 

They committed. They planned. They collaborated. They cooperated. They coordinated. They designed. They setup shop.

They apologized to no one. And the rest is history.

Your narrative. Your choice. Choose wisely.

And Happy TGIF!!!