National Small Business Week: Better Talent, Better Bottom-Lines and Better Work-Life Balance

Small businesses are at a significant advantage in their respective markets
in terms of attracting/retaining better talent. Reducing infrastructure
costs and increasing profits. And providing a flexible work environment to
include telecommuting, non-traditional work hours and the elimination of
vacation/sick leave options by providing only a general leave option. 

As a small business owner, appreciate your situation. You're the boss. 
You're the owner. You see something you don't like in the business, change
it. You see something you don't like in your industry, refuse to operate in
that way.

This requires focusing on being more effective rather than being more
efficient. Let me explain.

Instead of focusing on being more efficient (i.e., responding to emails
more quickly, getting more things checked off on your To-Do List or filling
your week with more activities such as meetings, conference calls, 
presentations, seminars, trainings, etc.), consider being more effective. 
Not more efficient.

I've even been thinking of removing email from my business life entirely. 
Hmmm. Not there yet. But considering it. 

By subtracting things out of your day or week instead of adding things to
your day or week. Identifying the critical elements of your business and
keeping them intact. Identifying the non-critical. The urgent but
unimportant. The emergencies but non-serious. And subtracting them from
your day and your week. 

Give it a try. If it doesn't work for you, stop doing it. If it does, keep
it going for a while. Either way, being a small business owner allows you
the freedom to operate in any manner you see fit. That is a blessing. I
know at times, it may seem like a curse. But it is a blessing.

Small businesses continue to keep our nation, our industries and our
communities thriving with employment, better products, better services
and a better work-life balance. If you are looking for employment, consider
a small business. If you are looking for a career change, consider a small
business. If you are looking to become a non-paid employee, consider
joining a small business.

Keep it up small businesses : )