National Small Business Week: Solution For The Homeless

In honor of National Small Business Week, here is a short tid-bit of a combination of my passion for both homeless youth advocacy and the strength of our local small business community.

This $190,000 investment by our federal government to programs in Michigan to house those without a permanent home is just a stepping stone. Rental assistance first. Then gradually taking over full months worth of rent over the course of a set period of time.

This is called the Rapid Re-housing model. So who is going to oversee, manage and implement these housing programs. The federal government? Absolutely not.

Small businesses will manage these projects. Nonprofit organizations will oversee its implementation. Community service providers will assist in the supportive housing resources needed to sustain these permanent housing models.

Small businesses have the flexibility, the leanness and the quick adaptability to implement needed changes quickly in order to provide excellent housing services to its customers

Small businesses appreciate the need for cooperation. Coordination. Collaboration. They value these core beliefs as the cornerstones to their organizations. Everyone working collectively towards a common goal of housing those without a home.

We honor you, the small business, this week. For not only creating and developing products and services that compete for our business, our purchases, our investments and our employment opportunities. 

Our homeless youth will get permanent homes as a direct result from small businesses and small organizations. Period. End of story.

Way to go small businesses : )