"Is Foster Care Driving Youth Into Homelessness? Uh...Yeah. Let's see..."

A recent article out of Philadelphia asked this question...in so many words...


Is foster care driving youth into homelessness? Uh...yeah. Let's see...

Of the 841 youth aging out of foster care within the last year in their communities, it has been verified that 346 of them have no housing in place upon leaving state care. 

That's a 59% performance rating of getting our kids into permanent homes. Last time I checked, if a kid brings home a 59% on his or her report card, that's an "F". 

And that is not an abbreviation for "Fantastic". It means you have failed to perform at a "below satisfactory" standard. That means you did not even bring yourself to perform poorly. Or even unsatisfactorily. 

Performing at a 59% rate means you have managed to go out of your way to completely fail to show any level of satisfactory or successful performance. None whatsoever.

Then these same administrators tell the narrative that resources are scarce. There isn't enough "funding". There isn't enough foster care parents. There isn't enough of this. There isn't enough of that. 

Excuses, excuses, excuses. There isn't enough time. There isn't enough laws. There isn't enough case managers. Whine, whine, whine. 

Well, cry me a freaking river. You've mustered up enough passion and "go-get-em" attitude to apply for the job. You've managed to find it in yourself to cash your paycheck. 

You've figured out how to house 59% of the other youth. How is housing the other 41% fundamentally any different. I'd love to know.

Or let's just cut the crap. You stink at your job. And you should not be in that position to oversee the transition of youth into permanent housing upon leaving state custody. Period. End of story.

If you continually performed that badly in the NFL or the NBA, you'd be fired within 2-3 years. Because these organizations have high standards of excellence. 

With the exception of the Orlando Magic basketball organization. Who is allergic to success and prosperity. Fired their recent head coach after only 1 season.

This organization is a dysfunctional atrocity. Haven't been to the playoffs in the last 4 years. 3 head coaches in 5 years. 

In the last 4 years, you've gone 20-62, 23-59, 25-57 and now in this season 35-47. And these executives should have their jobs. They have robbed this great city of Orlando of quality basketball for half of a decade.

I digress.

Foster care administrators. How can I say this without you getting your flimsy, tissue paper personalities into a giant wad. 

Find your will to win. Find your hunger to succeed. 

This is for our youth. Get it together. 

Or get the foxtrot out of the way. Let the federal and state investment dollars flow directly to the groups, the organizations, the advocates and the businesses in our community. To those who can actually perform successfully. 

And get things done for our youth without a home.

Our youth are looking for the adults in the room. Be the adults in the room. Or get out of the room.

Get it together.