The Power Of Choice: Bring The Hammer In Order To Rebuild

The power of choice. A veracious look on the inside of your decision-making when faced with difficult problems and a variety of possible solutions. And we often beat our heads against the wall trying to figure it all out. Stop it.

Many times we must bring a hammer to break what is broken in order to rebuild.

Hard choices are opportunities to create reasons for yourself. To be your true self. Not the self the world wants you to be. Not the self that your job wants you to be. Not the self that your family or coworkers or significant other or friends or your business wants you to be. Likes you to be.

The self you need to be. The self you desire to be. The self God wants you to be.

Difficult decisions are nothing more than the exercise of your freedom of choice. That's it. To pick up a hammer. Or continue shaking hands. To break what is broken in order to rebuild. Or continue shaking hands. Smiling. And going along to get along.

The power of choice. Choosing to make decisions that stand by your principles. Remembering who you are and moving forward toward your goals. Maybe even push back a little bit. Because you believe in something much more greater than being liked. Rooting yourself in your values. Being your authentic self.

Or are you going to bow down to the status quo. Give in to the pressure of conformity. Or going along to get along. Putting profits over people. Putting your business needs over customer needs. Putting your comfort over the comfort of your customers. Putting what is easier to say over what is necessary to say.  

Or are you going to choose to be one of the best disrupters in this world. In your market. In your field. In your industry. In your neighborhood. In your school. In your business. In your team.

The power of choice. Fearlessly choosing to bring a hammer to break what is broken in order to rebuild.

Because some of us are absolutely convinced that regulatory agencies and organizational bureaucracies are more capable, more knowledgeable and more effective at solving running our social causes. Running our businesses. And bringing our communities together.

Let's take this homeless youth situation (and using my demonstrative sarcastic, facetious voice). There's no one more knowledgeable about permanent housing than HUD. Than our state agencies. Than our contracted organizations.

We don't want anyone to come along and develop. And implement a more innovative, a more better, a more productive product or service for our homeless youth. Oh no, we have full confidence that our self-appointed agencies and organizations are the ones best suited to solve this problem.

We don't want competition. We don't want our homeless advocates pushing themselves and their organizations to provide better approaches, better ideas, better plans and better teams than our regulatory agencies. Because, my Lord, they are the experts. They are the decision-makers. They are leaders.

Who are we, the community, the people, to ever question those in positions of authority. They must be the most qualified or they wouldn't be in those positions. Who are we to ever challenge the ideas and approaches our agencies and organizations who are contracted to provide our homeless youth their needed services. They are the ones to solve this problem. Not us.

Who are we, the community, the people, to ever tell these agencies and bureaucratic organizations to quit counting homeless people. To tell HUD to quit requiring our states to count homeless people. To challenge our states to request regulatory waivers from HUD of this asinine so-called solution of gaining a more clear view of the homeless problem in this country by going out and counting homeless people in parks, under highways and on the street.

We don't need competition between programs providing permanent housing solutions for our youth. That's a duplication of services. Never mind, in the business world that is called a free market. Never mind, that this is how we get better products and services in our stores and in our communities. This is how businesses thrive and grow.

This is how the best of the best provide us with a better standard of living. A better way of solving our societal problems. Competition and the free market drives innovation. Drives efficacy. Drives effectiveness. Drives production.

But when it comes to our homeless youth, who are we, the community, the people, to ever rock the boat and duplicate a product or services and make it better. One that is more efficient. One that is more effective. More innovative. More youth-centered. More hopeful.

With less barriers. Less frustration. Less obstacles. Less unnecessary paperwork. Less regulation. Less hassle. Less confusion. And with less pathetic performances.

And with an overall better products and service to our youth who are without a home.

To choose to put ourselves in direct competition with other agencies and service providers in order to build a product or service. One that helps change our youths' lives for the better. One that challenges those in the market for available investment dollars. To disrupt the funneling of investment dollars to failing agencies and failing bureaucratic organizations.

To bring the hammer to break what is broken in order to rebuild. That is who we are. That is who our homeless youth need us to be. That is who God is calling us to be.  

The power to choose. So choose wisely.