Black Lives Matter: The Most Stupid Movement Ever

Black Lives Matter is one big, colossal societal joke. That is a fact. 

Black Lives Matter is so overwhelmingly stupid. That if it was radioactive. It would set off a nuclear brain bomb that would wipe out all intelligent life on the entire eastern seaboard. 

Black Lives Matter is filled with so much stupidity, I don't even know where to begin. 

Where do I start.

Let's start in my hometown. Kansas City, MO. Where a 14 year old young black girl was murdered by 3 young black teenage males in January. 

Where's your march on that one, Black Lives Matter? Who's out there demonstrating to help that mother feel whole again?

What about just last Tuesday where a 9 year old black girl was shot & killed while she was doing her homework in her mother's bed? In a black St. Louis community. 

Doing her homework.

Where's the protest for that mother? Where's the outrage for her loss?

But the black thug with the stolen gun gets put down by law enforcement the next night. And black people start thrashing about like a beached- dolphin. Carrying on and marching about police brutality. 

Who's demonstrating on behalf of that 9 yr old dead black girl? Tell me, Black Lives Matter. Tell me. 

Not one sign. Not one march. Not one rally. You gutless cowards. 

That little black girl's life mattered. You idiots. Her future mattered. You morons. 

Do you want to talk about who is destroying our black communities? It's not white cops. So let me keep saying it until it sinks in. 

It's young black males. It's the culture of violence. You moron. You idiot.

The preponderance of violence in the black community comes from about 3-4% of a special population. That population would happen to be young black males between the ages of 18 and 25.

Let me give you a hint. You clueless nimrod. 

Over 90% of all murders in the black community is committed by another black person.

The burglar bars in our inner city windows weren't put up there to keep white cops out. And until these gutless black activists start addressing the real problems in our communities which is the unbridled culture of senseless violence among young black males, our black communities will continue to deteriorate at the hands of countless, violent young black males. 

Period. End of discussion. 

And don't give me that racist crap. Or whatever other trigger word that gets some of you mindless black people in a complete misguided uproar. 

Because all it does is fans-to-flame your ignorance when you continue to incorrectly use the word racist in a sentence. Or draw it up on some stupid-behind demonstration sign. 

You ignoramous. I can't even call you stupid for drawing up those ridiculous demonstration signs. Because you got the stupid part down pat, Picasso.

Black Lives Matter is doing nothing but shifting black stupidity from one stupid black person to another.

And if I have to hear one more person talk to me about Black Lives Matter. Sweet Mary Magdalene. 

I'm going to go to Walgreen's. Buy 16 boxes of maxi-pads. And hang myself with tampon string.

Black Lives Matter is continuing to have a profound record for being utterly stupid. And being a low-down diversion so that these spineless black people don't have to address the culture of violence in their own black communities. 

Black Lives Matter is a crippling avenue for some black people to conduct themselves like cowards. And keep their heads stuck up their anchovies. 

And refusing to have the intestinal fortitude to speak out about the true dismantling effects in our black community. Feckless black cowards. 

Not to act is to act. Not to speak up is to speak. 

So keep it up, Black Lives Matter. Keep leaving the traces of your black stupidity all over social media. And in the news. 

Black Lives Matter speaks volumes to your inability to be a perspicacious black citizen in your own damn community. Downright pathetic. And it's just that simple.

And let me tell you something else. 

God is going to have plenty of bones to pick with me when me and Him ifnally meet up. Conducting myself like a nauseating, spineless black coward, such as yourself, isn't going to be one of them. 

And thanks a buttload for what you are doing to our black community. 

I need a drink!

Happy Hump Day Eve!! : )