Green Bay, Wisconsin: Known For Winning But Failing Adult Youth

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Home of the great Aaron Rodgers, Quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. 

And home of this demonstrably atrocious performance by Journey House, Inc.organization. 

But you wouldn't know that by this article that written up so nicely about them. You see, the article was designed to tug at your heart. Make you feel all warm and tingly on the inside. 

Not tell you any real raw facts. Do I specifics? Of course, I have specifics...

Now, don't get me wrong. This particular housing initiative is pretty good. Good program model. I like that. Great idea. Great implementation. I'm not knocking them for that. 

But here are some other facts about this organization...

In 2013, 376 adult learners participated in their educational program. Guess how many actually got their GEDs? 80. Yep, 80. A 21% performance success rate.

Same year, nearly 500 adults received financial counseling with their workforce development program. Guess how many actually got jobs? 91. 

Eleven more than those they got their GEDs. An 18% performance success rate.

Guess what the budget was for their Adult & Workforce Development Programs? $735,000. Almost a quarter of a million dollars. This is a $2 million funded organization. 

And this is their definition of a good job? Of success? 4 donors gave at least $50,000 in 2013. They should get their money back. 

No wonder nobody wants to give in this country. No real return on your investment. Just some decorated christmas trees, some financial classes, a couple of talent shows and a pee-wee football program, and all of a sudden, you're an organizational success. 

What a bunch of horse-squeeze.

What about the other 296 people came through your doors hoping for some educational success in their lives and still walked out without a GED, Journey House, Inc.? Huh? 

What about the other 409 people who plopped themselves down in your boring-behind financial counseling classes and didn't walk out with one job? One job. A job. Any job. 

But I'm supposed to sit here and clap for your efforts despite the fact that 80% of the people who decided to work with your program, got zilch. Nothing. Nada. 

Just another boot in behind, a community resource sheet and back out into the jobless world. Without the basic educational skills to probably fill out a job application properly. 

So you go right ahead and celebrate. Pat yourselves on the back for failing performance measures. Jump for joy for mediocrity. Take more benedryl to fend off your allergic reaction to prosperity & success. 

Until this nation can stop with this crack addicted-like mindset towards mediocre and failing performances by our communities, we will never set high standards for excellence in tackling the blasphemous needs of our adult youth who leave foster care of having a placed called home. 

A reversible egregious error in our standards as a nation. The fact that we even have to be discussing adult youth being homeless, especially if they left state custody, is pathetic. 

Billions and billions of dollars aimed at keeping these young adults off the streets being wasted by organizational managers who can't seem to figure it out. Well, if they're paychecks cleared, then they need to figure it out and get it done. Or get rid of them and put some people in their who can get it done. 

Give me $750,000, one year and nearly 900 people. With 2 goals. To get a GED and a job. Hell, I might take the first 6 months just to plan. Implement in the next 3 months. Evaluate & report in the last 3 months. 

Without working on any Mondays or Fridays. A one-week vacation every month. Not including major holidays. Throw in a crazy girlfriend, a back breakup, bleached-clothes incidents, a 9-month paternity lawsuit, a swine flu scare, a bout of scurvy and a rag-tag bunch of organizational dysfunctional misfits you've ever seen. 

And I guarantee you. We could do better than a 20% performance success rate. 

You gotta really go out of your way to perform that bad. Horrible. 

And as a nation with so much wealth, knowledge and resources, it's a downright abomination that this reversible error is still a problem. It's sad. And it's stupid. 

Billions of federal, state & philanthropic dollars being swapped back-and-forth between organizations, and throughout our governments, and we stay stuck on failing and stupid approaches.

To a solvable problem. 

Happy Monday folks!!