Walk By Faith. Not By Sight: 100 Homeless Youth Off The Street With A $1.7 Million Public Sector Investment

No New Year's Resolutions. No efforts to maximize personal inventories. No staring at our belly-buttons trying to figure out how to better ourselves.

Plain and simple. 100 homeless youths off the street in 365 days.

The goal has already been met. God tells us that every day. By demanding that we walk by faith. Not by sight.

Faith is nothing more but evidence of things not seen. Plain and simple. Let's not make this complicated. And sinning against God in the process.

To make this goal visible to us, not God, will require our entire community. No one is invaluable for this goal. No one.

Just doing your part. Whatever that may be. And doing it well. 

It will also require this kind of a community priority and commitment  for our 100 homeless youth by our public sector agencies and organizations:

1. A $1.7 million investment dollar initiative.

No one is off limits in monetizing this investment. Noooobody. That goes for the Governor. Down to the little Miss part-time OPS. 

And it goes for everyone else in between. No one is off limits in the public sector.

We have stared at these public sector billion dollar budgets long enough.

We will not ask. We will not request. Will not fill out your 100-page grant proposal. We will not apply. Trying to outline and explain to you that getting 100 homeless youth off the street is just the right thing do.

And we're especially not asking our public sector agencies & organizations for investment dollars for these 100 homeless youth that have already been appropriated for them. 

And has been legally & rightfully theirs for decades. Mismanaged and wasted.

Get over it.

And definitely not asking when the price tag for the taxpayers in this state for sheltering older youth in state-run residential group foster care facilities can range from $600 to $4000/mo. Older youth who are placed in traditional foster homes costs $538.59/mo.

That could be more than $42,137 a year.

As of July 1st of this year, this state had 69 adult youth in foster care. If only 5 adult youth are in residential group foster homes, we are paying $240,000 a year.

When it only costs about $9,000 a year to get them into a permanent home. That's $45,000 a year for those same 5 adult youth.

Even if you we paid all monthly expenses for an adult youth working at Burger King for 35 hrs/wk. That would leave about $600 for those expenses.

If we foot the bill for rent & monthly expenses for 5 adult youth that's still only $81,000 a year. Permanent home. All expenses paid.

Ergo, the $1.7 million investment dollar initiative for our homeless youth. Which is a start. 

More goals to be shared this weekend.

Which could be as much as 81% less expensive for each adult youth in residential group foster care in this state. And a financial atrocity that our state administrators, Legislature and Governor somehow can't bring themselves to change.

And we haven't even brought into the discussion of the trillions of philanthropic investment dollars. Not just in Florida. Across the nation.

Or even a host home network which practically free. 

And if the homeless youth are providing a return on investment by working and paying taxes. Doubling up with friends as roommates who also are working.

We open up more investment dollars for more homeless youth. That 100 number could easily get to 200.

And if Andrae Bailey and company really get serious in 2016. Start prioritizing homeless youth. Getting everyone moving in the same direction.

Get that Call to Action Plan from staying blank. 

We start getting homeless youth off the street by the thousands each year.

And when we really start getting good at it. This situation ends in Central Florida in less than 5 years.

That visibly starts to begin in 2016. We will not continue to ignore the numbers. The research & data are screaming for us to make this visible.

To see things not yet seen. Walk by faith. Not by sight. Faith is nothing more than evidence of things not seen. Nothing more. Nothing less. Plain and simple.

That's what this investment dollar initiative is all about. Faith. Courage. Conviction.

We all play are part. By doing that part. By doing the right thing.

We push ourselves. We challenge ourselves. We embrace the struggle. We place ourselves in situations where we must dig deep.

A poem.

Good timber does not grow with ease:
The stronger wind, the stronger trees;

The further sky, the greater length;

The more the storm, the more the strength.

By sun and cold, by rain and snow,

In trees and men good timbers grow.

To start seeing things not yet seen. It begins in a matter of hours. 

And that's what we are going to do.

Happy New Year!!! Because I probably won't make it to midnite : )