Sleeping Outside For Transition, Not Permanent Housing: Petulant 8 Year Olds

Doing everything except housing homeless youth in permanent homes. This is asinine.

What are you doing? What's the matter with you? Dealing with these people is like dealing petulant 8 year olds.

Get up off the ground. You are not homeless. Get up. Go home. For the love of Pete.

You will never bring awareness to homeless youth by not putting them in permanent homes. You are bringing awareness to your stupidity.

Trying to sleep like a homeless youth for one night to try to raise $100,000 for transitional housing program for youth is insane. Key freaking word. Transitional.

Oh that's right. You need the definition of permanent before you can figure out how to go rent permanent apartments for these homeless youth. Hmmm. Okay.

How about not in transition. Get up. Go home. Seriously. This is like dealing with 8 year olds. Brush yourselves off. Pick up your crap. And go home.

Permanent housing has been proven to be the direction we must move in accordingly if we ever want to end youth homelessness. The research backs it up.

And you got these mindless dudes out here camping to suppprt transitional housing for homeless youth. 8 year olds. Pick it all up. And go home.

This is just another pathetic example of idiotic performances of those who are in a position to know better. Pick up that stupid piece of cardboard. And go home.

$75,000 so far to keep homeless youth in a life of transitional living. You morons. You idiots. You are the problem. Taking solutionable dollars to not provide a permanent situation for our homeless youth.

It's pychotic to take a problem, have a viable solution, turn around and create another problem, then go sleep your petulent selves outside, to figure out a solution, to the very problem you're creating.

And not solving the true problem. That's no less stupid than it is obtuse.

Keep it up. Talk about these dudes.

And if you happen to get a food-bourne, bacterial illness this Thanksgiving. With bouts of explosive diarrhea. And cramping abdominal distress with profuse sweating.

That's exactly what you deserve. For conducting yourselves live a bunch of petulent 8 year olds last night with your moronic exercise in camping on concrete.

And thanks a buttload for diverting $75,000 more investable permanent housing dollars to prop up a program designed to keep homeless youth in a constant state of flux.

I need a drink!