It Is Never Wrong To Do The Right Thing

I can't say it enough. It is never wrong to do the right thing. Let's get right into it....

You want to do your part? Use the talents that God has given you? Not waste them. Ok, here's some ideas...

If you're a full-time mother, and enjoy spending time with your children, then as you're in the grocery store, grab a card for a homeless youth, put a crayon to it, mail it to your nearest nonprofit. J

ust to let a homeless young homeless youth know that she's supported. Do your part.

If you work 22 jobs and are struggling yourself, then send a prayer up to God for a homeless youth while you're on your knees. Do your part.

If you're a model, you're mad gorgeous, hot, whatever, take a selfie, send it to your local nonprofit to a homeless adult youth. Just to say, you're thinking of them. Do your part.

If you're a teenager, still trying to figure out things yourself, well Jesus, post it on social media. Your fingers are glued to your smartphone anyway. Put it out there. "Hey, homeless kids. Thinking of you. Keep your head up." Do your part.

75% of homeless youth surveyed say paying their cell phone bill is their first priority when faced with homelessness. It's their way of staying connected to services. To their friends. To the world. 

This isn't sinking in. So let's break it down the way children understand. Because I know its hard for us adults.

Willy Wonka. Maybe this is more to your speed. Remember. "So shines a good dead in a weary world." 

We're still thinking too small. We can end homelessness in Florida. In all 50 states. Then let's take it to Canada. Puerto Rico. The Virgin Islands. Colombia. Chile. London. Australia. Africa. China. Russia.

The sacrifice never ends. If you have any junk in your drawers, then stand up. Have a set of pecans and stand up. I know you don't want the job. Who would. George Washington didn't. This is what he said....

"Haven't I done enough for my country." He was pissed. All her ever wanted to do was to be a farmer. Not the freaking President. He initially said no. He didn't have time. He's done enough. But when they told him that they needed him in Philadelphia or they were going to lose their country...

As he realized the calling, that answer changed. His heart wouldn't let him. 

Well, my heart won't let me stop either. I don't know why. 

9 dead in Oregon. My heart breaks. Gun control will not solve this issue. This is not about guns. What about the 2 year old who got smothered by a pillow in Plano, TX? Do we ban pillows? You can't control evil. Get a clue. Oh, you think we're that awesome? Please.

We have lost sight of life. We don't see people as people. We see agendas. The homeless youth are faceless people we continue to ignore. And for the life of me, I can't understand why this is so understandable for us. Hmmm. 

We have to figure out a different way to do everything. None of this works. How many times do we have to continue banging our heads against the walls. 

Until somebody says stop. Sit down. Stop all the activity. Pull out a freaking crayon and a blackboard. And figure it out. Do something different. Just figure out how to do the right thing. That's it. It is never wrong to do the right thing. 

The Legislature directs the state agencies to ensure those turning 18 years old have a permanent living situation in place. Yet they have been failing at this for decades. So the Legislature should fund those organizations who are more than capable of carrying out its directives accordingly. Without interference at the state or county levels.  

Do you know why I love football so much? Basket ball so much? Results. There's a scoreboard. It's results-oriented. Performance-driven. Coaches get fired. Managers get fired. Players get cut from teams. People get benched. Folks negotiate better salaries in their contracts. Teams leverage salaries for signing better players from other teams. 

If something isn't working, you switch it up. You go to plan B. It's a team effort. That's why I don't watch tennis or golf. 

For instance, I work for Denise Burry. She's a good friend of mine. But I don't agree with everything she says. But it does require a honest conversation. And we move on. That's all I'm asking for of this state. An honest conversation about your budget priorities. If I have a convincing argument, then cut a check. 

The problem is in our hearts. We're the problem. Homeless youth is not only a solvable problem. But an unnecessary abomination. There are absolutes. Doing the right thing. Or not doing the right thing. This is not difficult, people. 

I don't know how God puts up with us. You better thank your lucky stars God is not like me. I'd light this whole thing on fire and start over. God is constantly trying to wake us up. But we're sleeping in. He's opening up the curtains. Throwing off the blanket. Trying to get us to wake up. 

Stop listening to this non-sense. It is very clear on who is doing the right thing. And those who are not doing the right thing.

These homeless adult youth deserve better than this. Telling them that the solution is coming back into foster care for 3 more years is about as stupid as asking a homeless veteran to go back to war for 3 more years.We're not giving you a permanent home. Go back and hit rock bottom again. We'll see where are in 3 years. We couldn't get you a permanent home the first time when you came back. But hey. We got 3 more years. 

Is any of this sinking in? There is something really off about our judgment when we come up with these ideas. Nobody gets this.

If you want to talk about solving problems, let's do it. Those 9 kids that died? Those were somebody's child. But that event is separating us. When we should be coming together. Don't listen to the 2 political parties. We can find solutions. But not when we politicize everything. 

In all due respect, Mr. President Barack Obama. You have no clue. We have to politicize this tragedy? What are you, nuts? And yes, don't think for one second I'm not planning on coming to DC to hash this homeless youth situation out. Or whoever takes your Office next. These people out here might be scared of you're Office. I'm not. 

It is truly sad and pathetic. 

We keep talking about gun "control". We are not going to control those who are committed to doing the wrong thing. Whether it's by using a gun. A machete. A knife. Two hands. A penis. Or a budget. Or a failed approach. Or a failed policy. Or a failed procedure. Or a fiscally irresponsible budget. 

What you control is doing the right thing. You control your approach. Your connection to other people. Your connection to our kids. Standing up for doing the right thing. 

It is never wrong to do the right thing. Since when do I need permission to get homeless kids off the street? I don't. We are going to redesign the entire Independent Living Program in the state of Florida. It needs to look completely different. Because this current plan going to the Legislature is a complete disaster. 

About 15 so-called leaders in this state are trying to tell the Legislature that the problem is that the organizations in charge of getting young adults to a permanent living situation has everything to to do with their misunderstanding of the definition of the word "temporary". Ok. How about "not permanent". Problem solved. Do you see how stupid this situation is?

I'm just working on getting the right people. The capable people. The informed people. The rough riders. The fearless. In the right place. 

Do your part. I'll do mine. Together, we end this ridiculous homeless youth situation. But you have to find your acorns. And truly believe that it is never wrong to do the right thing.

Happy Saturday!! Football is my joy. Bama Roll Tide!!! 

Going to start writing my Report & Recommendations to the Governor, the Legislature, City Council, Congress, national advocacy groups, lobbyists, the public, the hood, the prostitute across the street, whatever. Writing starts next week. I've researched over 2000 pages of pure stupid. Agency budgets across this state. I'm good. Stupid is stupid. 

Will be available November 1st : }